Android - YubNub Social PWA

(Progressive Web App)

We don't need no stinking app store!!!

On most browsers in your Android platform. a footer prompt should appear at the bottom of your screen that asks you to "Add our App to your Home Screen". Selecting this with AUTOMATICALLY install our PWA in seconds, and create a shortcut on your Home Screen.

In the event you don't see this prompt, you can still easily add the app to your Android device by following the simple instructions below:

Browser Install

Most modern browsers that run on your Android device have the ability to accommodate PWA's built in to them. The procedure for installing the PWA vary between them, but are similar. In this example we will use the most widely used browser, Chrome, but most other browsers will have a similar prompt in their pop up menus:

1 - Open your "CHROME" Browser

2 - Tap the "MENU" icon (3 dots in upper right corner)

3 - You should see an option to "INSTALL", if not, select "Add to Home Screen"

4 - Follow any prompts given to you

5 - Our PWA will be installed in SECONDS, and a shortcut will be added to your Home screen!

You should be ALL SET TO GO!

We hope you enjoy YubNub Social and bring all of your family and friends to join us!

Make YubNub your #1 Social Media Destination!

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