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Apple iOS - YubNub Social PWA

(Progressive Web App)

We don't need no stinking app store!!!

Due to Apple's reign of terror against free speech, and its insistence on forcing site owners to comply with their censoring and policing policies in order to distribute apps for their sites, along with their proprietary method of controlling what people can put on their own devices that they paid for by blocking any method of self-installing apps (side-loading), we have absolutely ZERO plans to waste time, money, or any other sort of resource on developing any form of our app for distribution on the Apple App Store.

We will NOT compromise with them (as any of the other sites you got an app from them for have done, *FACT*)! We will not let them tell us, OR YOU, what we can, or cannot, post, comment on, share, believe, think, or do, and we will not go against our beliefs and principles based on the free exchange of information and ideas.

NO WORRIES, THOUGH!!! You can still install our PWA directly into your Safari Browser!!!

In order to insatall our PWA on iOS, do the following:

1 - Open your "SAFARI" browser app

2 - Navigate to " "

3 - It is best to go through the "Register" process to be sure the PWA manifest is fully loaded

4 - After registering, *return to the site*

5 - *Login* to YubNub Social

6 - Tap the "SHARE" icon. it is located in the center, bottom, of the screen and looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it

7 - Scroll down in share and tap "Add to Home Screen"

This will add the YubNub Social PWA to your system, and create an icon on your Home screen. You can then close Safari and begin using the PWA !

If you followed these instructions, you should be ALL SET TO GO!

*** NOTE *** Unfortunately, again due to Apple's refusal to give users their own personalized, uncontrolled, experience by embracing emerging cross platform technologies, this will only work with the Safari Browser, but... IT WILL WORK!!!

We hope you enjoy YubNub Social and bring all of your family and friends to join us!

Make YubNub your #1 Social Media Destination!

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