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We don't need no stinking app store!!!

Please read our description and then select the platform you want to install our PWA on.

If your looking for more security, and don't relish the idea of the big tech app stores being able to track your usage and habits, then the YubNub Social PWA is the way for you to go! With our PWA, you will have the same security benefits of the physical site and performing all of your activities through the same secure protocols.

In addition, you will have improved performance and speed! Our PWA doesn't rely on the resources of your device to perform all the tasks, and utilize all the features, on the site. It relies solely on our internal server functions to carry the load. This means a much richer, and smoother, experience for you!

If that isn't enough of an advantage over traditional apps, having our PWA ensures that all the latest features and functions are available to you the moment we launch them on the site! No waiting for app updates to keep you up to date!

The PWA is fully cross platform, and will work on both mobile and desktop devices. It will run on your mobile Android and iOS devices, as well as your Windows, Linux, and Mac laptops and desktops. A shortcut is created on your homescreen or desktop, and you are all ready and set to go!

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We hope you enjoy YubNub Social and bring all of your family and friends to join us!

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