About YubNub Social

Welcome to YubNub Social!

Who are we? What do we believe?  

Imagine a grass roots social media site that, instead of silencing them, repressing them, and outright trying to eliminate them, actually promotes traditional American and family values.

Imagine a place where you can share your pics and videos, join or start groups and pages, create and search blog articles, share your opinions, speak your mind, play online games, get your uncensored news, and much more, without worrying who is going to get offended by what has been considered normal since the founding of this nation, and what you call a normal life.

Imagine a place that you can even let your kids enjoy without worrying about them falling victim to today's propaganda and agenda pushing, where they can interact with others who share the same traditional moral and ethical values as most of us do.

Imagine a place where you are encouraged to use your own critical thought skills, and think for yourself, rather than to submit to the agenda du jour or be censored.

Imagine you can do these things and earn "points for cash" and also receive commissions on new members you bring with our affiliate link system!

That's US!  That's YubNub Social!



By free people, FOR free people

YubNub Social is a privately owned system, with no outside investors, no corporate boards, and no outside influences that we need to answer to.  It is GRASS ROOTS social media, by free people, FOR free people! 

We believe that free people can think, and speak, for themselves, and that YOUR VOICE MATTERS!  We believe free people can make their own decisions on what to see, like, discuss, share, and believe!  We don't need the propaganda news oulets, big tech, or even the government to decide that for us, and, in fact, they have NO RIGHT TO!

There are no cyber jail sentences, biased fact hackers, truth supressors, or group think enforcers.  Just REAL Americans enjoying an online social life with other REAL Americans.


Americans ALL!

As Americans, we all have more in common than not.  Despite the radical attempts to divide us based on race, color, nationailty, religion, morals, beliefs, and a variety of other factors, the vast majority of Americans reject these media, big tech, and swamp rat politicians attempts to tear down this country and reshape our society into something that THEY think is best.  Most Americans see the propaganda for what it is, and reject the agenda.

If you remove the deception that is occuring, you will find that the vast majority of Americans will REJECT the pushing towards totalitarianism, socialism, and any sort of a "great reset".

YubNub is a place for ALL Americans to come together and be able to discuss all of these things without fear, and to come together as REAL Americans to live the American dream!


More than politics

YubNub is NOT just a place for politics.  While the main reason for its founding was to provide a safe environment for traditional Americans to express themselves online, our hopes are that it can grow into an all inclusive social networking platform that is welcoming to everybody.  There is a wide variety of conent, and the ability for creativity, available here.

You can browse, and even create, articles on a wide varity of topics.  You can play your favorite online browser games.  You can create groups for almost any subject you want.  Create pages for your business and advertise. You can talk and post (and are encouraged to) about music, movies, tv, food, nostalgia, entertainment, science, technology, or just about anything that makes you happy.

We don't want want this just to be your political pitstop, we want it to be your social media home!



Bring your family and friends!

Create your account TODAY, and then bring your family and friends!  Our platform is striving to be THE BEST alternative, non big tech, social media network out there, and our functionality and features have us on the way to being just that!  We are continuously and constantly building, and have many unique features in development that you won't find on other social sites!

It is a GREAT place to start migrating your family and friends to where they can escape the clutches of big tech, and... the BEST PART... with our affiliate system you can earn POINTS FOR CASH for bringing new members to the site!  Find out more about our "points for cash" and "affiliate members" programs in the YubNub blog area!



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