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Eternal Fury on YubNub

Desktop AND mobile users!!! Click THIS LINK >> https://yubnub.social/ygames/play/102/ to play ETERNAL FURY on YubNub NOW!!!

The Gates of Underworld are open again! Join the battle against demons and become a true hero in the new free online game, Eternal Fury!

This strategic turn-based RPG combines SLG action and classic interactions. Incredible adventures, hundreds of locations, thrilling battles against monsters—this game has everything to make you fall in love with this wonderful sample of multiplayer browser games.
Eternal Fury presents an opportunity to feel like you’re in the middle of a medieval battle:

* Create and perfect a loyal army.
* Hire mercenaries to fight by your side and upgrade them to make you unstoppable.

* Diverse gaming features make upgrading easy and fun.

* Develop your castle, lead the army, get new types of troops that are eager to fight on your side, study technology, forge equipment, and summon the ancient heroes of light.

* A wide selection of settings will make your character stand out by giving them a unique style.

* Are you a fan of PVP? Check out the cross-server arena, as well as campaigns and capturing of neighboring territories.

* Seize enemy castles to get their riches!

* A dynamic, tactical combat system will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced players.

* Challenging bosses coupled with hundreds of dungeons make the outcome of any battle unpredictable.

* Wipe out evil creatures and spawns of the abyss in Eternal Fury. Stop the demon invasion!


Play IMPERIA ONLINE on YubNub Social

DESKTOP USERS! Click: https://yubnub.social/dgames/play/139/ to Play IMPERIA ONLINE now!!! ENTER the Medieval era! BUILD your empire from the ground up, GUIDE its great rulers and LEAD it to prosperity!Experience vast amounts of gameplay mechanics, which give you total freedom of how to become the ultimate Emperor, competing with thousands of other players in a totally realistic strategic simulation! Will you be a mighty conqueror, a cunning diplomat or a fearless warrior? Will you lead your allies towards a common goal? Imperia Online gives you unlimited choices of how to shape your destiny and leave your legacy!