I'm just freaking pissed off. This country is going to HELL! I don't know what this counrty is going to be in 3 years. Can't get rid of , it's so hard to call Biden president, but we have those 2 bitches sitting 2nd and 3rd. How the F-U-C-K did we get here? They left Americans in Afganistan, plus billions $ of military equipment. China and Russia are just laughing at us and will start to take over any areas they want. North Korea shoots rockets whenever they feel like it. Isis has started to send out bombers, blowing up themselves. We have lost everything Trump did to protect this country. He loved this country. If we don't get the biggest RED tidal wave this year we will never again be the Great US. Grab a gun. Stand for US.
My rant for the day. Please add your thoughts.