I'm not convinced Putin is being the bad guy here...first of all I can't trust anything being posted about it and most of the posts seem to be sided with Ukraine anyway...ok we learned Putin attended this shwabb world leader Pinky and the Brain school...to me he is the most intelligent of the mainstream leaders and maybe he took away something a little different than most of the other students...at the very least he is informed of what's really going on with this reset conspiracy...he's apologized for the actions of past Russian leaders and supported "de-communization" publicly, he said it in Russian so I don't know if the interpreter conveyed his exact thoughts but I find it more compelling than your average CNN broadcast.
The point is I'm not participating in this probably completely fabricated and mis-directing false flag, change the narrative operation and if came to living under Trudeau or living under Putin the choice is rapidly becoming less obvious to those in compliance with everything going on.