I'm no rocket scientist. Nor a "woke" university edjuhmuhkated wunderkind. But, how's this good for America as WE suffer high gas prices and high prices of everything else DUE in great part because of high gas prices?

Read Article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news......../articles/2022-0

What so many don't know is that we have thousands of viable wells that've been capped for decades all over the country, in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Commiepornia coast, etc, PLUS all the shale, etc, that could totally free the USA making her ?% energy independent in petroleum alone for generations.

Then add properly built nuclear plants and this country would be BEGGIN' for oil from Muslims who hate us!

All while we take the real time necessary to eventually meet the so-called "Green New Deal" expectations of eventual lessened use of petroleum as a fuel, as the process in retooling our society's transportation and electrical grid will take far longer than the radical left thinks or cares.

We cannot tank our country just to meet that result as quickly as nearly overnight as they demand, even if the left are ok with the USA committing suicide because they see her as the root of all evil in the world.