"Black lives matter"? Not to the black guy who coldly walked up and murdered the old black man then robbed him.

"Black lives matter"? Not to the black guy sitting in the background who watched the one black man murder and rob the old black man. Who then himself casually walked over and robbed the victim.

"Black lives matter"? Are you kiddin'?! Not to other black people, those who've been liberally indoctrinated and continue to support the hateful, bigoted, racist, anti-law and order Democrat party and their divisive and destructive "identity politics" ideology that creates and enables what's seen in the video and so much more.

In the comments section Sandy Traynham Lindsey posted, "everyone from the one who shot and robbed him to the ones who stole from the body or walked around him without calling 911 should go to jail ! Its a sad day in America when no one shows compassion or sympathy for your follow man. God will judge these people one day soon!"

David Falco wrote,"where is BLM on this!!! Sad that they don’t care about black on black murder. These people who can just kill a man like this are with out a sole and definitely don’t know Jesus. I pray for the victim and his family."

And James Peterson correctly said, "welcome to the results of electing Democrats who have gone "woke".
There wasn't a single person who looked worried about cops showing up or about being seeing by witnesses. They have become enabled to do whatever the hell they want because they know that the Democrats will let them out of jail and blame the guns and the victims.
Death penalty should be mandatory for the shooter, and 1,000yrs in jail for the others."

More black folks and others need to escape the Democrat socio-political plantation, free themselves of the divisive enslavement of their "identity politics" whips and chains.