Being True To One's Values And Principles

Our values and principles define who we are. They give us our identity. They add meaning and depth to our lives. Whatever is in your heart should form your principles to live your life by and be an indication of your courage and commitment.

When you commit to a purpose in life and are spurred on by the vision of what is possible, you mark your progress along the path with the philosophies and tenets that underpin and reinforce that purpose.


All these things that we're discussing - living from the heart and showing courage and compassion in your daily life, and greeting each new day with renewed commitment, are only possible if you look at life in a certain way and have values and behaviours that reflect your way of living.


Most of the time you are sustained by these values and principles; they add meaning and depth to your life experience. They're a way of life. You live by them as easily as breathing and you share your thoughts with others in a free exchange of ideas - sometimes you may also find that you alter your way of thinking because you learn something new which contradicts these principles. This is a healthy and wholesome re-evaluation and is a useful lesson in being open hearted and receptive to new ideas.


The challenge comes when those values and principles are put to the test by those who have no respect for or interest in your way of seeing the world, and you find yourself having to defend them and make the decision to stand by what you believe in your heart or compromise your own truth, honesty and compassionate ideals. It's a true indication of your courage and commitment especially if by upholding those beliefs you find yourself in a minority with your back against the wall.


The beliefs by which you live are born of time and experience. Of idealism and compassion, and recognition of the responsibility you have as a citizen of the world where everyone is equal in the eyes of the other. These are good, sound principles, and defending them in a world of conflict and change is an inevitable part of being a human being.


Always be guided in your defence of what you hold to be true by what your heart tells you. You will find the courage to stand up for what you believe in because this is part of your purpose in life; it's another footstep along your journey to your chosen destination.


Many of us will never have to be put to such a test, and many of us will never be put in the position of having to hold fast to our core principles. But when you meet challenge, meet it with courage and love - these are important lessons and they are a gift, not a thing to dread.


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Neel Raman

Neel Raman, is an author, keynote speaker and coach to many. He has written ‘Hoops and Freedom’, an informative and powerful self-improvement book, in the form of an entertaining fiction story, targeted at those who want and demand more from life.

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