There's a New Sheriff in Town

New Social Media site gives unheard voices an outlet away from the censorial tentacles of traditional Social Media

In the aftermath of the 2020 elections, and the rampant censorship enacted by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, a number of alternate social media sites sprang up like mushrooms after a rain, and most of them went the way of the dinosaurs for one reason or another.

I got a membership at a number of them - the one Dan Bongino was affiliated with is a notable exception, since I couldn't get a membership there as they discriminated against people without cell phones, and now I can't even recall the name of it - and I watched several of them die on the vine.

Gab is still around, and I still have an account there, but rarely go to it mostly because of it's Christian slant. Now I've got nothing against Christians per se, and Gab is doing good work on the periphery of that, but I just don't want any particular Christian viewpoint shoved in my face 24/7. There are too many different sorts of Christian theology, and Gab's is not mine, so I have to wade through reams of alien (to me) doctrine there to get to the actual news, so I rarely ever go.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into a social media site much more to my liking - ,

I chatted with one of the site founders for a while, and while I will not divulge anything from those conversations, I have no problem giving a critique based upon the public-facing parts of the site. He has a membership here, and so if there is anything he wants to add, he is well able to do so.

It's like Facebook, but a damned sight better. The layout is easily navigable. It has sections that Facebook never thought of - or at least that I could never find there - like an entire "News" section. It's not censored like FB is. Not a damndable "fact checker" who can't tell fact from a fart anywhere in sight. Some of the memes might be a bit much for sensitive eyes, but if you're THAT sensitive, you probably ought to go take a damned nap anyhow. Truth is truth, even when presented tongue firmly planted in cheek. If you can't hack that, head back to lala land.

Right now, there is a banner announcing that anyone who signs up before 15 August is eligible for a free, lifetime, VIP "Pro" membership. The banner says it could take up to 7 days to activate it, but mine was activated within 3 minutes of my first login.

As a startup, what the site needs right now is numbers. I don't know why anyone WOULDN'T sign up there, given the rampant censorship taking over the communications channels of the internet... and, since the battle lines have been more starkly drawn in the battle for Free Speech since late last year, there are literally MILLIONS of Americans (and other nationalities for that matter) who should have an interest in it. The problem is not in the potential membership, it's in getting the information out there TO that potential membership.

YubNub is not a competitor with Rogue-Nation3. It's an entirely different niche of the information market, along the lines of Social Media, where we are a discussion forum. No real comparison, but an alternate means of communication, More focused on real-time, less on archival threads as we have here.

So, check it out. Have your friends and family check it out. It's an alternate means of keeping communication channels open, and could be a potential watering hole to regroup in should everything go to hell in a handbasket! You've nothing to lose, and a lot to potentially gain.

About the author: "Ninurta" is an administrator at , one who is keenly aware of the dangers being presented to the Republic at this juncture of history via censorial social media, and the attempt to seize control of the public narrative and discourse thereby. He firmly believes that the basis for an effective opposition is networking among like-minded individuals as a prelude and basis for regaining control of what The People are, at this very moment, watching slip away. Sites such as YubNub and Rogue-Nation3 are integral to that effort, vanguards to lead the way back out of the wilderness we are finding ourselves rapidly becoming lost in. "Divide and Conquer" is an age old axiom of effecctive takeover. Don't let that happen to you.


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