When the GODS pour out their wrath/judgments...

Words of GOD in these last days before His return to the earth...



"When the GODs/Elohim of creation are activ to release their wrath and vengeance on earth and its inhabitants...


than they all will look up to Them and will fear, tremble, suffer and even curse Them... or will go down on their knees to ask for forgiveness, when they are not demon-possessed. I AM. For I AM GOD the Almighty One... and will show to all that I AM in charge of all of creation and not little mankind in My great Universe. I AM. Soon I will send My 7-Stars general of My heavenly Universal High Command of Our YHWH-Elohim-Forces to take over... and to make an end to all the abomination that is going on. I AM. My Holy 7-Stars-General is well known to those who know Me and My holy words. For We are the Elohim/Gods above all gods/elohim. WE ARE the almighty Ones. No one was before WE WERE... and WE CREATED the heavens and the earth. I AM. My holy name was from the beginning only known to My chosen ones from before foundation of creation, so that they would be Our wittnesses to all other who do not know Us. For WE ARE THE INVISIBLE ONES, the INVINCIBLES ONES. No-one saw Us unless We revealed Ourselves to them. For Our Invisible Being is OUR ETERNAL POWER AND GODHOOD... by which WE REIGNED AND REIGN throughout all ages. I AM. No-one was before Us. WE ARE THE FIRST AND THE LAST. All things were called into existence by Our Ghost/Spirit and Our/His words. I AM. Who is really willing to get to know Us as WE ARE IN REALITY... ? Blessed will be he who really is willing to get to know Us and really seeks Us and is really willing to serve Us and to acknowledge Us as WE ARE IN REALITY. I AM. Many will go lost for eternity... if they remain stubborn and unwilling to accept Our Heavenly Universal Almighty Holy Reign. I AM. WE ARE THE KINGS above all kings and THE LORDS above all lords. Woe to those who deny Us willingly and deceive other people to believe their lies and evil and wicked schemes/agenda's by which they make people fall away from Us... or to sin against Us in such a way that they even will be cursed by Us. I AM. WE ARE the most powerfull almighty ELOHIM/GODS : YHWH-ELOHIM. And WE ARE THE JUDGES over all judges and mankind. WE will judge the living and the dead. Fear Us more than people, for We have all power... and not evil/wicked mankind. I AM."


Prophecy by  : The Candle of Fire - Cleanbread.





John Schoonbroodt

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