your personal LIFE in these last days... before His return...

Many seek the Kingdom of God,

but are coften confronted with people who deny GOD's powerfull Glorious Holy Ghost and His Leading and guidance and love and truth, because many are not willing to really be lead by the Holy Ghost, for they fear to loose control over their own, often selfish/egocentric or even narcistic, earthly and even sinful life.

Only GOD himself can release you...

from your own selfish sinful desires, lusts and life, when you are willing to learn from Him. God's Holy teachings, revelations, prophecies are only to understand if you are willing to be completely to be lead by His Holy Ghost.

Many even fear what the Holy Ghost suddenly could tell them,

for they think that they might loose everything they have, if HE calls them to become a messenger for God, maybe even at a place or in a nation where they would not want to serve HIM, because their soul is so a slave of/to their luke-warm wealthy luxury life, that they fear to loose it.

Well GOD is gracious and knows how people are.

But He will start to show them His power and glory and true apostle- and prophet-teachings. GOD is faithfull and will call people to follow Jesus Christ how it really was meant to be.

God bless you all... and may give you His heavenly blessings,

that will set you free from captivity and slavery to this evil and enslaving world-system, that is even the enemy of GOD and Jesus Christ and of the True Heavenly Kingdom of GOD... and its righteousness.

When GOD really enters your life... things or you will change completely... by His Giving Goodness or grace and love and truth and leading/guidance of His Glorious Powerful Holy Ghost or holy angels, who will lead you to do the works of GOD... that HE has prepared for you to do in His creation... and among those who gather in His holy or Jesus Christ / Yeshua Hamashiach's name. Amen.


Message by Jean Schoonbroodt. NL. EU.  

The Voice in The Wind / The Candle.









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