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  • Nikki Haley refuses to drop out after South Carolina loss: ‘Today is not the end of our story’
    02/25/2024 03:19
  • Trump talks like ‘a billionaire construction worker’: South Carolina GOP chairman
    02/25/2024 02:22
  • Argentine President Blasts Socialism In Speech At CPAC
    02/25/2024 02:17
  • Who is Gen. ‘Raisin’ Caine‚ the man behind Trump’s plan to eradicate ISIS in 4 weeks? 
    02/25/2024 02:02
  • South Carolina Primary: Trump Romps‚ Haley on Life Support
    02/25/2024 01:55
  • Trump Thrashes Nikki Haley in South Carolina
    02/25/2024 01:15
  • Trump Beats Nikki Haley In Her Home State Primary
    02/25/2024 01:11
  • LIVE RESULTS: South Carolina GOP Primary
    02/25/2024 01:00
  • Legal‚ Parental Advocates Warn Against Blue State Bill Allowing Minors to Consent to Medical Procedures: Report
    02/25/2024 00:56
  • US‚ UK conduct joint strikes on more than a dozen Houthi targets in Yemen: 'Specifically targeted'
    02/24/2024 23:41
  • The fight against government officials who misbehave‚ then claim 'immunity'
    02/24/2024 23:40
  • Conservatives fighting new legal interpretation that could make Schumer a criminal
    02/24/2024 23:33
  • Biden called on to be 'realistic‚' boost oil and gas
    02/24/2024 23:29
  • Why This Death of a Nonbinary Teen in Oklahoma Got the Liberal Media in Trouble Again
    02/24/2024 23:00
  • Venezuelan migrants linked to more crimes in U.S.‚ but Maduro shuts door on all deportations
    02/24/2024 22:54
  • Trump Suggests His Mugshot And Indictments Are Making Him More Popular Among Black Voters
    02/24/2024 22:37
  • Plane crash at airport in southeastern Ohio leaves 3 dead
    02/24/2024 22:01
  • Cell phone data doesn’t prove Willis and Wade lied about relationship: Fulton County DA
    02/24/2024 21:50
  • Some News Outlets Are Leaving Out a Key Detail in the UGA Student Murder Story
    02/24/2024 21:30
  • Beto O’Rourke endorses plan to snub Biden in Michigan primary to compel ceasefire
    02/24/2024 21:14
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The Uses and Abuses of Federal Land
It comes as a surprise to most Americans that the federal government owns nearly one-third of the nation’s land mass‚ in excess of 640 million acres. (It also owns 1.7 billion acres of the Outer…
12/13/2023 06:03
David Petraeus: The Ukraine and Modern War Interview
General David Petraeus (ret) is one of America's most renowned warriors. As the leader of American forces in Iraq he was the main architect of the successful Surge strategy which turned the course of…
12/13/2023 06:01
7 Wealthiest Counties Are All Suburbs of DC and San Francisco
If you want to drive through the seven wealthiest counties in the United States -- when measured by median household income -- you will only have to visit two of the nation's metropolitan areas. Advertisement…
12/13/2023 06:01
What the Three University Presidents Should Have Said
The testimony of three university presidents at last week’s congressional hearing about antisemitism on American campuses continues to reverberate. What we heard and saw left many of us dumbfounded.…
12/13/2023 06:01
Hunter Biden aims to prove DOJ only charged him because of political pressure
Hunter Biden’s defense team wants the Department of Justice to turn over documents on its decision to change course and charge President Joe Biden's son for gun crimes‚ arguing the evidence will force…
12/13/2023 04:49
WATCH: Ron DeSantis SMOKES Trump on flip-flopping on defending the unborn
Ron DeSantis was asked tonight in a town hall with CNN about his stance on the right to life of the unborn. Of course he spoke about what he’s done in Florida to protect that life‚ but then brought…
12/13/2023 04:41
Beloved Pennsylvania TV Anchor’s Death Ruled a Suicide
The cause of death for a beloved 42-year-old northwestern Pennsylvania local TV news anchor has been ruled a suicide‚ officials said Tuesday.Emily Matson died after being hit by a train in Fairview…
12/13/2023 04:21
‘They Don’t Do Free Speech’: Dr. Phil Rips Harvard After President Keeps Job Despite Disastrous Testimony
Former daytime TV talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw ripped Harvard University after the Ivy League school’s president retained her job despite a disastrous performance at a congressional hearing.Claudine…
12/13/2023 04:18
Even Pro-Ukraine Republicans Acknowledge We Have to Deal With the Border
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to senators on Capitol Hill on Tuesday‚ as lawmakers and now the White House find themselves increasingly in a battle over passing bills to provide aid to…
12/13/2023 04:15
Andre Braugher dead: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Homicide actor dies at age 61
Actor Andre Braugher of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Homicide fame died at age 61. The two-time Emmy award winner died after a brief illness‚ his representative Jennifer Allen told the Hollywood Reporter. The…
12/13/2023 03:22
Watch Turkish Parliament Member Collapse from a Heart Attack After Wishing Death Upon Israel
Is this divine intervention just a coincidence that you cannot make up? The Muslim world is doing what they always do when it comes to the State of Israel: wish for its destruction. In public speeches…
12/13/2023 03:15
Survey Reveals a Mountain of Possible 2020 Election Crimes
According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll‚ over 20% of people who used mail-in ballots admitted breaking at least one law in the 2020 election.The poll involved 1‚085 likely voters. The margin of error…
12/13/2023 03:00
Democrats Keep Attacking Clarence Thomas
Senate Democrats have found yet another reason to go after Justice Clarence Thomas‚ this time by bringing up recusal when it comes to deciding whether former and potentially future President Donald Trump…
12/13/2023 02:45
‘I Believe It Will Pass’: Mike Johnson Says He’s Confident House Will Vote To Greenlight Biden Impeachment Inquiry
House Speaker Mike Johnson expressed confidence that the House of Representatives would vote to formally authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden Wednesday.Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong…
12/13/2023 02:38
New photos shows hundreds of Hamas terrorists surrendering to Israeli army; Also VIDEO of IDF demolishing building
A new photo purports to show hundreds of Hamas terrorists who surrendered to the Israeli army in Northern Gaza‚ near where they blew up a UNRWA school that had tunnels and other terrorist infrastructure…
12/13/2023 02:31
Good vs. evil‚ God vs. Satan: America in full spiritual war
(Pexels)America – long the freest and most prosperous‚ powerful‚ altruistic and Christian nation on the face of the earth – is on the brink of destruction. How can this possibly have happened? And…
12/13/2023 02:09
Media Matters sues Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Over Investigation Into Its Demonetization Pressure
Media Matters for America‚ a pro-censorship online monitoring group is making some censorship accusations of its own. The organization has initiated a federal lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken…
12/13/2023 01:44
Turkish Parliament Member Who Wished Death Upon Israel Suffers Heart Attack Moments Later
Is this divine intervention just a coincidence that you cannot make up? The Muslim world is doing what they always do when it comes to the State of Israel: wish for its destruction. In public speeches…
12/13/2023 01:30
Here’s More Proof That COVID “Vaccines” Have Killed MILLIONS (Video)
(Natural News) New data out of the United States and New Zealand definitively shows that millions of people have died from Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.” On average‚ according to the…
12/13/2023 01:15
LISTED! Top 17 times Biden lied‚ or plagiarized‚ or exaggerated
President Joe Biden participates in a virtual bilateral meeting with Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Micheál Martin Wednesday‚ March 17‚ 2021‚ in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White…
12/13/2023 01:06