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  • 2 Nevada state troopers conducting wellness check die after inebriated suspect crashes into them on Las Vegas expressway
    12/01/2023 18:45
  • Video Shows Assault Suspect Shooting Officer In The Groin During Scuffle
    12/01/2023 18:43
  • Ugandan woman‚ 70‚ welcomes twins after receiving IVF fertility treatment
    12/01/2023 18:27
  • House GOP Bill Would Overturn Biden’s Secretive Election Activism Executive Order
    12/01/2023 18:16
  • Philadelphia votes to ban ski masks in public; faces accusations of criminalizing young black men
    12/01/2023 18:10
  • ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Breaks Major Streaming Record For 2023
    12/01/2023 17:50
  • Drug dealer learns harsh lesson from state Supreme Court
    12/01/2023 17:41
  • Intruder allegedly breaks window in attempt to enter home‚ ignores verbal warnings — so homeowner lets his gun do the talking
    12/01/2023 17:30
  • Biden Regime Caught Giving Police Access to American Phone Records with Secret Surveillance Program
    12/01/2023 17:15
  • Idaho baby abducted by 'heavily armed and dangerous' homicide suspect: authorities
    12/01/2023 17:07
  • Why Bishop Schneider citing St. Thomas More at Cambridge University was so historic
    12/01/2023 16:57
  • Sandra Day O'Connor‚ 1st woman on Supreme Court‚ dies at 93
    12/01/2023 16:57
  • GA county officials seek to dismiss lawsuit filed by slave descendants fighting against zoning changes
    12/01/2023 16:55
  • New Nightmare Unlocked: Earth Could Be Knocked Out Of Orbit By A ‘Rogue Star’
    12/01/2023 16:50
  • US watchdog investigates Biden administration's site selection for new FBI headquarters
    12/01/2023 16:42
  • Israel-Hamas war: Israeli authorities announce 3 hostages taken into Gaza are dead
    12/01/2023 16:32
  • War Resumes in Gaza After Collapse of Truce Negotiations
    12/01/2023 16:30
  • Illegal Immigrant Charged After Allegedly Shooting Two Sisters In The Head In Their Home
    12/01/2023 16:29
  • Report: Swing state spent millions on sex changes
    12/01/2023 16:24
  • Nicaraguan refugee: Ortega is hiding Bishop Álvarez’s true prison conditions in new photos
    12/01/2023 16:22
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Steven Crowder Shares How Much Dylan Mulvaney Got Paid for Disastrous Bud Light Campaign
Anheuser-Busch‚ a subsidiary of Belgium-based AB InBev‚ reportedly paid social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney a substantial six-figure sum for a promotional video featuring Bud Light in what is widely…
11/18/2023 01:20
Trump Reacts to Rumors Biden Won’t Face Charges in Classified Docs Probe
Former President Donald Trump has reacted critically to rumors that President Joe Biden won’t face any charges in his classified documents probe‚ with the former president alleging “selective prosecution”…
11/18/2023 01:07
BiPartisan Gun Snatchers Go After School Programs & Her Milkshake Stopped a Predator Dead in Her Yard
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:33 — 15.0MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Android | RSS | More Many of us knew that the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (or BPSCA) signed last June…
11/18/2023 01:00
Judge Denies Trump’s Request For Mistrial In New York Civil Fraud Case
A New York judge has denied former President Trump’s motion for a mistrial in his civil fraud case‚ rejecting the claim that the judge and his principal law clerk had “tainted” the trial…
11/18/2023 00:54
Additional FBI Raids Revealed in Eric Adams Campaign Fundraising Probe
The feds raided a City Hall staffer’s home as well as that of a former Turkish Airlines executive the same morning FBI agents descended on the Brooklyn home of Mayor Eric Adams’ top campaign fundraiser‚…
11/18/2023 00:22
Agenda 2030-style 15-minute City Being Constructed in Indiana  
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 42:32 — 39.7MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Android | RSS | More Globalist forces are behind the construction of a 15-minute city in Lebanon‚ Indiana.…
11/17/2023 23:15
War at the Daily Wire: Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro’s Public Feud
AP Images Candace Owens The conservative media landscape has been rocked by a high-profile war of words between Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro and Blexit founder Candace Owens. The two right-wing icons…
11/17/2023 21:19
Leaked Glossary: NSA Promotes CRT‚ LGBT Ideology 
AP Images The Marxist indoctrination of American federal workers continues — at your expense.  The National Security Agency (NSA)‚ responsible for monitoring threats for the U.S. military‚ has…
11/17/2023 20:53
Judge Foiled by Bruen‚ Forced to Allow Convicted Felon to Keep Second Amendment Rights
Rawf8/iStock/Getty Images Plus A Clinton-appointed judge couldn’t find a way to “work around” the Bruen decision from last summer and was forced to allow a convicted felon to keep his firearm. In…
11/17/2023 20:53
FDA Recalls Another 27 Eye Drops Sold at Major Retailers
A recall issued on Wednesday has removed 27 eye drop products from the shelves of major retailers including CVS‚ Rite Aid‚ Target and Walmart following a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration…
11/17/2023 20:33
Miss Universe Pageant Goes Bankrupt
AP Images Anne Jakrajutatip When the first “trans woman” competed in the Miss Universe contest in 2018‚ everyone knew what would happen. Eventually‚ the contest would become a platform for the sex…
11/17/2023 20:25
Conservative Think Tank Reveals Best‚ Worst States for Freedom in Education
The Heritage Foundation‚ a conservative think tank‚ has released its 2023 Education Freedom Report Card‚ ranking U.S. states based on education choice‚ transparency‚ teacher freedom and return on investment…
11/17/2023 20:23
Faithful Catholic colleges see 'unprecedented' enrollment numbers‚ financial support
(Pixabay)[Editor's note: This story originally was published by The Daily Signal.] By Mary Margaret OlohanThe Daily Signal As most collegiate institutions grapple with disappointing enrollment‚ a slew…
11/17/2023 16:09
Moms for Liberty revenue grows by 500% in a year
(Photo by Dan Russo on Unsplash)[Editor's note: This story originally was published by The Daily Signal.] By Tyler O'NeilThe Daily Signal FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL—The parental rights group Moms for…
11/17/2023 15:59
Kris Newby: Lyme Disease and America’s Secret Bioweapons Programs 
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 32:21 — 44.9MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Android | RSS | More Investigative journalist Kris Newby has uncovered compelling evidence suggesting that…
11/17/2023 01:00
Wisconsin City Backs Off Directive Insisting Christmas Decorations Be “Inclusive”
Vladimir Vladimorov/iStock/Getty Images Plus In the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa‚ Wisconsin‚ unelected bureaucrats attempted to push a “woke” Christmas on city employees by insisting that they utilize…
11/17/2023 00:21
I found misshapen carrot that looks just like a famous cartoon character – can you guess who?
HOMER Simpson looks like he’s been ­vegging out again — as his unmistakable ­features peer out of a carrot.Shopper Romanzo Zolanzo‚ from Ukraine‚ was preparing his dinner when he clocked a familiar…
11/16/2023 23:38
My gran left me her mint condition Beanie Baby collection – I found two that were worth TENS OF THOUSANDS
A LUCKY grandson was left in shock after his grandmother left him a mint condition Beanie Baby collection that could change his life.A TikTok video showed the moment the man reveals two rare teddies that…
11/16/2023 23:18
Chinese Dictator Comes to America; FBI Director Told “Your Day Is Coming” 
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 42:27 — 39.7MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Android | RSS | More San Francisco rolled out the red carpet yesterday for Chinese dictator Xi Jinping‚…
11/16/2023 23:15
Cruel dad Tim Ferriter is sentenced after being found guilty of keeping adopted son‚ 14‚ in 8ft box for 18 hours a day
A DAD who locked up his adopted son in a box without air conditioning and only a bucket for a toilet has been sentenced to five years in prison.Tim Ferriter‚ 48‚ was found guilty of child abuse after…
11/16/2023 23:11