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  • 2 Nevada state troopers conducting wellness check die after inebriated suspect crashes into them on Las Vegas expressway
    12/01/2023 18:45
  • Video Shows Assault Suspect Shooting Officer In The Groin During Scuffle
    12/01/2023 18:43
  • Ugandan woman‚ 70‚ welcomes twins after receiving IVF fertility treatment
    12/01/2023 18:27
  • House GOP Bill Would Overturn Biden’s Secretive Election Activism Executive Order
    12/01/2023 18:16
  • Philadelphia votes to ban ski masks in public; faces accusations of criminalizing young black men
    12/01/2023 18:10
  • ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Breaks Major Streaming Record For 2023
    12/01/2023 17:50
  • Drug dealer learns harsh lesson from state Supreme Court
    12/01/2023 17:41
  • Intruder allegedly breaks window in attempt to enter home‚ ignores verbal warnings — so homeowner lets his gun do the talking
    12/01/2023 17:30
  • Biden Regime Caught Giving Police Access to American Phone Records with Secret Surveillance Program
    12/01/2023 17:15
  • Idaho baby abducted by 'heavily armed and dangerous' homicide suspect: authorities
    12/01/2023 17:07
  • Why Bishop Schneider citing St. Thomas More at Cambridge University was so historic
    12/01/2023 16:57
  • Sandra Day O'Connor‚ 1st woman on Supreme Court‚ dies at 93
    12/01/2023 16:57
  • GA county officials seek to dismiss lawsuit filed by slave descendants fighting against zoning changes
    12/01/2023 16:55
  • New Nightmare Unlocked: Earth Could Be Knocked Out Of Orbit By A ‘Rogue Star’
    12/01/2023 16:50
  • US watchdog investigates Biden administration's site selection for new FBI headquarters
    12/01/2023 16:42
  • Israel-Hamas war: Israeli authorities announce 3 hostages taken into Gaza are dead
    12/01/2023 16:32
  • War Resumes in Gaza After Collapse of Truce Negotiations
    12/01/2023 16:30
  • Illegal Immigrant Charged After Allegedly Shooting Two Sisters In The Head In Their Home
    12/01/2023 16:29
  • Report: Swing state spent millions on sex changes
    12/01/2023 16:24
  • Nicaraguan refugee: Ortega is hiding Bishop Álvarez’s true prison conditions in new photos
    12/01/2023 16:22
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Missouri's voter ID law is back in court. Here's a look at what it does
COLUMBIA‚ Mo. (AP) — A trial for a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Missouri's new photo identification requirement for voters is scheduled to begin Friday. Here is a look at the function…
11/18/2023 01:47
House Committee Seeking Reforms to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
cbies/iStock/Getty Images Plus The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) released a report on Thursday seeking to continue to “save American lives and liberty” by offering…
11/17/2023 23:00
Township declares itself a '2nd Amendment sanctuary'
A township in Michigan has adopted a resolution stating its newly adopted status as a "Second Amendment Sanctuary‚" because the threat of the "infringement on the right of law abiding citizens to keep…
11/17/2023 19:37
US Business Leaders Betray America and Give China’s Xi Jinping a Standing Ovation
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 24:14 — 22.2MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Android | RSS | More China Is preparing for war and our business leaders give a standing ovation to Xi. Money…
11/17/2023 19:00
Kentucky governor announces departure of commissioner running troubled juvenile justice agency
FRANKFORT‚ Ky. (AP) — Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear on Thursday announced the pending departure of the state's juvenile justice commissioner but said a series of policy actions within the past year had…
11/17/2023 02:42
Special Counsel Lets Biden Off Scot-Free In Classified Docs Case While DOJ Tries To Imprison Trump For The Same Thing
While the Department of Justice works overtime to imprison top political foe and 2024 presidential poll leader‚ former President Donald Trump‚ over mishandling classified documents‚ Special Counsel Robert…
11/16/2023 23:16
Pols Clean Up San Fran for Dictator Xi; Taxpaying Residents Can Wallow in Filth
AP Images San Francisco during Xi Jinping's visit When visiting certain places‚ you’re only allowed to witness what the authorities want you to see. One of these places is North Korea. Another is San…
11/16/2023 20:29
Federal Judge Finds No Right to Purchase a Gun in Second Amendment
Wirestock/iStock/Getty Images Plus Just when gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment were beginning to celebrate victories following Bruen (New York State Rifle & Pistol Association‚ Inc.…
11/16/2023 19:35
Biden Can’t Be Trusted To Confront The Chinese Communists Who Pay His Family Millions
President Joe Biden met Chinese dictator Xi Jinping for high-level talks in California on Wednesday‚ marking the first time the two leaders have spoken face-to-face in a year. While specific details of…
11/16/2023 19:03
New York legal battle unfolds as state's high court reviews lawsuit with potential to redraw House map
New York’s highest court heard arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit that could reshape congressional districts in the state‚ which is expected to be a key battleground next year in the fight for control…
11/16/2023 17:33
Hoosier State vs. Deep State
Oleksii Liskonih/iStock/Getty Images Plus Private property owners are fighting for their constitutional rights in the Hoosier State — and could be fighting for their lives — over carbon-capture pipeline…
11/16/2023 15:00
Does Biden Want to Bring the Gaza Refugees to America?
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 24:12 — 22.4MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Android | RSS | More This would be a very bad idea‚ so you know the left wants to do it. DISCLAIMER: Views…
11/15/2023 19:00
As UN Troops Rape Children With Impunity‚ It Has No Moral Authority: UN Investigator
The culture of the United Nations is “fundamentally rotten” as the organization’s “peace” troops rape women and children around the world with impunity while the UN punishes those who blow the…
11/15/2023 18:15
McConnell says behavior of lawmakers not his responsibility after senator‚ union boss nearly come to blows
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell‚ R-Ky.‚ said Tuesday the behavior of lawmakers in the upper chamber is not his responsibility after he was questioned about his role in lowering the temperature…
11/14/2023 21:33
'Perilous trajectory': Home Depot founder‚ 94‚ pummels Joe Biden
Bernie Marcus‚ co-founder of The Home Depot (Video screenshot)Bernie Marcus‚ The Home Depot co-founder‚ is 94‚ and retired for decades. But he says he cannot remain on the sidelines‚ he must get involved…
11/14/2023 20:25
MTG Holds Hearing on Covid Vax Injuries
YouTube Yesterday‚ Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.) held a hearing on Covid injection injuries. The event featured Dr. Robert Malone‚ Dr. Kimberly Biss‚ and lawyer Thomas Renz.…
11/14/2023 20:05
'Absolute nonsense': 1st Amendment expert blasts Obama's 'free speech' claim
Barack Obama (DNC video screenshot)Barack Obama took America far into the shady territories of the left when he was president‚ taking over the nation's health care system‚ lashing out at Christians as…
11/14/2023 19:29
Rhode Island Democrat Gabe Amo is sworn into Congress
New Democratic Rep. Gabe Amo‚ the first Black representative from Rhode Island in Congress‚ was sworn into office Monday.Amo‚ a Democrat‚ won a special election in November to replace Democratic Rep.…
11/14/2023 19:25
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 24:10 — 22.4MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Android | RSS | More America continues to drift away from God. Now the Department of Defense wants to get…
11/14/2023 19:00
Trump's Truth Social reports loss of millions in first half of 2023‚ SEC filing reveals
President Donald J. Trump walks with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to speaks with reporters prior to departing the White House Tuesday‚ Sept. 15‚ 2020‚ for his trip to Pennsylvania. (Official…
11/14/2023 18:34