July 4th Party Ideas - Keep Your Pets Safe

As we all look forward to celebrating this July 4th, it is important to remember your pets.

As we all look forward to celebrating this July 4th, it is important to remember your pets. There are always stories about what happens to pets on Halloween but not considering what can happen on July 4th could have tragic results. I speak from personal experience on this.


Young pets, especially dogs should be isolated from your guests for the duration of the July 4th party. Why?

Kittens and especially puppies will eat almost anything. If something hazardous to their health (onions or chocolate for example) should be either dropped on the floor or inadvertently given to them as a "treat" by a guest, it could have terrible consequences. Also, young (and mature) pets can be traumatized by all the unusual noise and activity created by a July 4th party. It is best to put them in a quiet room with plenty of food, water, bedding, toys and anything else that comforts them. Check on them frequently to make sure they're OK. After everyone has left and things are cleaned up, let them out and give them extra love and attention.


Keep your pets in the house on July 4th. Even if you are not having a July 4th party, don't let your pets roam freely outside that day or especially that night. This comes from personal experience. I grew up in Miami, Florida with two beloved Maltese twin cats. One was lost due to illness but the other lived to be a healthy 17 years old. The morning of July 5th, Barney didn't come home. A neighbor rang our doorbell and there in her hands was a box, inside my beautiful Barney lay dead. She had been intentionally hit by a motorcycle by some bored teenagers out for trouble. Please don't make that mistake with your pets this Fourth of July.


This is another personal experience I had. We were all at a park one year watching a July 4th fireworks display when out of nowhere a terrified dog walked up to me. This poor thing had wandered away from his family and was scared to death by all the noise. Why somebody would bring their dog to a July 4th celebration is beyond me. I did my best to comfort him and eventually the owner and I connected. Happy ending there, but it could haven been worse. Even though Fido always wants be wherever you are, don't bring your pet to see July 4th fireworks or to a July 4th party.

Have fun planning your July 4th party. Use your imagination to come up with great new July 4th party ideas and maybe some neat new family traditions. Just remember to think of your furry family members. They depend on you to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Happy July 4th everyone and Happy Birthday America!


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