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  • Nikki Haley refuses to drop out after South Carolina loss: ‘Today is not the end of our story’
    02/25/2024 03:19
  • Trump talks like ‘a billionaire construction worker’: South Carolina GOP chairman
    02/25/2024 02:22
  • Argentine President Blasts Socialism In Speech At CPAC
    02/25/2024 02:17
  • Who is Gen. ‘Raisin’ Caine‚ the man behind Trump’s plan to eradicate ISIS in 4 weeks? 
    02/25/2024 02:02
  • South Carolina Primary: Trump Romps‚ Haley on Life Support
    02/25/2024 01:55
  • Trump Thrashes Nikki Haley in South Carolina
    02/25/2024 01:15
  • Trump Beats Nikki Haley In Her Home State Primary
    02/25/2024 01:11
  • LIVE RESULTS: South Carolina GOP Primary
    02/25/2024 01:00
  • Legal‚ Parental Advocates Warn Against Blue State Bill Allowing Minors to Consent to Medical Procedures: Report
    02/25/2024 00:56
  • US‚ UK conduct joint strikes on more than a dozen Houthi targets in Yemen: 'Specifically targeted'
    02/24/2024 23:41
  • The fight against government officials who misbehave‚ then claim 'immunity'
    02/24/2024 23:40
  • Conservatives fighting new legal interpretation that could make Schumer a criminal
    02/24/2024 23:33
  • Biden called on to be 'realistic‚' boost oil and gas
    02/24/2024 23:29
  • Why This Death of a Nonbinary Teen in Oklahoma Got the Liberal Media in Trouble Again
    02/24/2024 23:00
  • Venezuelan migrants linked to more crimes in U.S.‚ but Maduro shuts door on all deportations
    02/24/2024 22:54
  • Trump Suggests His Mugshot And Indictments Are Making Him More Popular Among Black Voters
    02/24/2024 22:37
  • Plane crash at airport in southeastern Ohio leaves 3 dead
    02/24/2024 22:01
  • Cell phone data doesn’t prove Willis and Wade lied about relationship: Fulton County DA
    02/24/2024 21:50
  • Some News Outlets Are Leaving Out a Key Detail in the UGA Student Murder Story
    02/24/2024 21:30
  • Beto O’Rourke endorses plan to snub Biden in Michigan primary to compel ceasefire
    02/24/2024 21:14
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Media Matters sues Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Over Investigation Into Its Demonetization Pressure
Media Matters for America‚ a pro-censorship online monitoring group is making some censorship accusations of its own. The organization has initiated a federal lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken…
12/13/2023 01:44
UK Government Justifies Using Royal Air Force To Monitor Online COVID Speech‚ Calls “Disinformation” a “Serious Threat”
The Mail on Sunday reported that UK Royal Air Force (RAF) intelligence agents participated in a covert operation run by Whitehall‚ which was suspected of surveilling private citizens speaking out against…
12/12/2023 20:19
WEF Likens “Misinformation” To A Cybersecurity Issue In Calls For More Action
According to a recent study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and allied organizations‚ cybersecurity concerns are taking on new dimensions. Misinformation and disinformation disseminated via the internet…
12/12/2023 19:36
Epic Games Wins Lawsuit Against Google’s “Illegal Monopoly”
In the case of Epic v. Google‚ the jury on Monday announced its decision‚ determining that Google transformed its Google Play app store and Google Play Billing service into an unlawful monopoly. The jury…
12/12/2023 01:51
Republicans Rally Behind Anti-Censorship Lawsuit Filed Against Biden Administration
Top Republicans are now rallying behind a pivotal lawsuit spearheaded by Texas and two prominent conservative media entities‚ The Federalist and The Daily Wire. This legal challenge‚ an unprecedented…
12/11/2023 20:50
Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey Launches Official Investigation Into Media Matters
Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has launched an investigation into Media Matters for America (“Media Matters”)‚ a pro-censorship media monitoring organization‚ citing allegations of potentially…
12/11/2023 20:09
Former UK Facial Recognition Technology Commissioner Joins Company He Previously Greenlit While in Government
Privacy advocates are raising eyebrows as Professor Fraser Sampson‚ the former overseer of facial recognition technology in the UK‚ has joined Facewatch‚ the private company he previously green-lighted‚…
12/11/2023 18:35
Exposing the Invisible: How Online Advertising Is Behind Sensitive Personal Data Being Tracked and Sold Online
[unable to retrieve full-text content]The mass data grab behind most websites. The post Exposing the Invisible: How Online Advertising Is Behind Sensitive Personal Data Being Tracked and Sold Online appeared…
12/10/2023 20:09
Al Gore Likens Social Media Algorithms To AR-15s‚ Calls For a Ban
Despite several jokes about Al Gore inventing the internet‚ it’s clear that the former Vice President has revealed that he knows little about how the internet works – or the First Amendment‚ for that…
12/10/2023 20:03
Proton Announces Much-Anticipated Photos Feature on Android
With a move that underscores its growing resemblance to mainstream cloud storage services like Google Drive‚ Microsoft OneDrive‚ and Apple’s iCloud‚ Proton Drive‚ the Android application that offers…
12/09/2023 18:50
Mozilla Asks The Supreme Court To Rule Against Florida and Texas Social Media Free Speech Laws
When in a hole – just stop digging! Not the kind‚ however‚ of common-place‚ and friendly advice‚ the Mozilla Foundation seems like it’s ready to take in‚ these days. The number of websites that‚ one…
12/08/2023 20:53
Democrats Demand Social Media Platforms Censor Abortion “Misinformation” With Direct Letters to Musk and Zuckerberg
House Democrats have issued a strong call to Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg‚ urging them to address what they call the widespread issue of abortion “misinformation” on their social media platforms‚…
12/08/2023 19:40
Tech Platforms Commit to Censorship After Dublin Riot
In the wake of the Dublin riots in backlash to an alleged immigrant’s knife attack against children‚ social media giants have come forward to reiterate their commitment to censorship. Tánaiste Micheál…
12/08/2023 18:17
Tips To Avoid YouTube’s Anti-Ad Block Detection and Reclaim Your Privacy
[unable to retrieve full-text content]Keep your ad blocker functional. The post Tips To Avoid YouTube’s Anti-Ad Block Detection and Reclaim Your Privacy appeared first on Reclaim The Net.
12/07/2023 18:42
Nebraska Starts Collecting Digital Health Data on All Citizens‚ Raising Digital ID Fears
The State of Nebraska’s recent decision to amass all health data on its residents has stirred up notable criticism. The move‚ part of the newly formed state Health Information Technology Board’s remit‚…
12/07/2023 18:36
Apple Reveals Governments Use App Notifications to Surveil Users
In a chilling revelation that feels all too familiar‚ Apple has confirmed that governments are using push notifications for the surveillance of users — an imposition on personal freedoms and a glaring…
12/06/2023 18:21
The State of Texas‚ The Daily Wire and The Federalist Sue the State Department Over Censorship Regime
Taking a firm stand against what some have called one of the most severe infringements on the US constitution’s First Amendment guarantees for freedom of speech and press freedom in the country’s…
12/06/2023 17:25
Harvard Research Group That Has Received Government Funding‚ To Study “Governance Infrastructure” of the Internet
Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and a non-profit are coming together in the hope of devising what they call a governance infrastructure of the internet – via something called…
12/05/2023 20:33
US Army Enlists University of Arkansas at Little Rock To Fight Online “Misinformation”
The US Army has announced a “combat” partnership (effective through 2025) with the publicly-funded University of Arkansas at Little Rock – and what they plan to “combat” together is none other…
12/05/2023 20:33
TikTok Outlines Funding To Curb Climate “Misinformation”
As TikTok’s platform experiences a supposed surge in climate-related content‚ there are growing demands to censor the spread of what is deemed “misinformation” or “disinformation.” Ian Gill‚…
12/05/2023 18:25