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  • Stanford Scientists Discover Cellular “Neighborhoods” in Our Gut
    10/03/2023 18:25
  • US captain Johnson returns home to criticism after Ryder Cup flop
    10/03/2023 18:12
  • Biles pulls off Yurchenko’s double pike to be named after her at Worlds
    10/03/2023 18:01
  • Life‚ Liberty‚ Property #34: The Real Subject of the Budget Debate Is the Uniparty
    10/03/2023 17:48
  • Texas Congressman Is Carjacked By Three Armed Attackers About A Mile From The Capitol
    10/03/2023 17:17
  • 500‚000x Smaller Than a Human Hair: Game-Changing Electronic Sensor the Size of a Single Molecule
    10/03/2023 17:15
  • Dem senator accused of accepting gold bars‚ stacks of cash in bribes set for trial
    10/03/2023 17:12
  • Biden's State Dept. denies Iranian spy infiltration‚ then confirms suspicions
    10/03/2023 17:07
  • Hunter Reported to Rely on 2A Case President Said Should “Deeply Trouble Us All”
    10/03/2023 17:03
  • Organization drops plans for 'open' race for trans swimmers when there's zero interest
    10/03/2023 17:01
  • Liberators vs. Triumvirs: The Battle of Philippi Begins Today in 42 B.C.
    10/03/2023 16:50
  • Target Joins Other Retailers Closing Stores in Crime-Ridden Blue Cities
    10/03/2023 16:34
  • Special Needs Students Radiate Joy While Being Honored at Texas Homecoming Game: ‘Touches My Heart’
    10/03/2023 16:12
  • Energy needs of EV battery plant will keep coal plant online
    10/03/2023 16:04
  • Watch: Newly Released Video Shows Tupac Shortly Before Shooting Death
    10/03/2023 15:51
  • Mark Meckler: Convention of States Could Take 10-25 Years to Accomplish
    10/03/2023 15:44
  • Elon Musk sued by ex Grimes over their 3 children
    10/03/2023 15:38
  • Trump Shares Court Sketch of Him Sitting Next to Jesus at Fraud Trial
    10/03/2023 15:28
  • Ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly Says Stories About Trump Hating on Veterans‚ Pows Are True
    10/03/2023 15:05
  • Vanna White is skipping ‘Wheel of Fortune’ this week — here’s why
    10/03/2023 15:03
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Conservative Front

Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar Carjacked in Washington‚ DC
Rep. Henry Cuellar (D.‚ Texas) was carjacked in Washington‚ D.C.'s Navy Yard neighborhood on Monday evening‚ his office said. Cuellar's sushi dinner‚ phone‚ iPad‚ and car were all stolen in the incident‚…
10/03/2023 15:00
Gaetz Files Motion To Oust McCarthy as House Speaker
Hardline Republican representative Matt Gaetz on Monday moved to oust fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House of Representatives. Gaetz‚ who has clashed with McCarthy for months‚ introduced…
10/03/2023 14:00
Congress crushes President Biden's attack on hunter education 424-1
The U.S. Congress overwhelmingly voted to rebuke President Joe Biden’s unprecedented move to defund scholastic hunter education and archery programs available for youths. The U.S. House of Representatives…
10/03/2023 12:00
President Gavin Newsom? Yikes! What’s Ruined in California Might Not Stay There
Don’t let Leftist social media shut us out! Sign up for Daily Surge’s daily email blast… it’ll keep you updated on each day’s Daily Surge new columns. Go to dailysurge.com and sign up under…
10/03/2023 11:36
Member of Iranian Influence Network Visited Biden White House Five Times
An alleged member of a secret Iranian government influence network visited the Biden White House at least five times for high-level meetings with senior U.S. officials‚ according to visitor logs. Ali…
10/03/2023 11:00
Democrat End Game Unravels in Albuquerque as Focus Gov Focuses on Guns‚ Not Criminals
Don’t let Leftist social media shut us out! Sign up for Daily Surge’s daily email blast… it’ll keep you updated on each day’s Daily Surge new columns. Go to dailysurge.com and sign up under…
10/03/2023 11:00
Government Keeps Lights on as Spending Fight Continues. What Happens Next?
Congress has averted a government shutdown—for now.  The continuing resolution passed Saturday keeps government agencies funded at current levels until Nov. 17. The bill passed 335-91 in the House…
10/03/2023 09:01
The Left’s Denialism: Border Is ‘Secure’
The phrase “Climate change denier” has wormed its way into the modern lexicon to shame those who have a different view of the science supporting—or not—the idea that the world is in danger of…
10/03/2023 09:01
Nikki Rodham Haley: The Hillary Clinton Of The GOP
When Hillary Clinton was (praise the Lord!) denied the presidency on Nov. 8‚ 2016‚ the country was spared a wicked fate under the heel of her sensible comfort pumps. Dodging that Hillary-sized bullet…
10/03/2023 09:00
Merrick Garland’s ‘60 Minutes’ Interview Was Pure Political Propaganda
You probably recall around this time last year hearing the news about the pro-life Catholic father of seven whose home was raided at gunpoint by more than a dozen FBI agents for the crime of sidewalk…
10/03/2023 09:00
Why Dressing Well Matters in an Age of Disorder
The U.S. Senate has finally reversed its idiotic “Fetterman rule” and unanimously voted to reinstate a proper dress code. Previously‚ Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) had scrapped the…
10/03/2023 05:20
Pa. GOP Divided No More: McCormick Unanimously Endorsed for Senate
Back there in the stone age of 2022‚ the Pennsylvania Republican Party was the scene for a knock-down-drag-out primary battle for the U.S. Senate seat of the retiring Sen. Pat Toomey. The contestants…
10/03/2023 05:20
Pentagon Warns Congress That it’s Running Low on Cash to Replace the Weapons We’ve Sent to Ukraine
The Pentagon is warning Congress that they’re worried about being able to replace the weapons that we have sent to Ukraine. This is alarming news. Biden and the uniparty have given Ukraine mountains…
10/03/2023 05:20
The Political Story of the Year
If you listen carefully‚ you can hear Donald Trump celebrating his reelection to the presidency. The reason for this giddy confidence in Mar-a-Lago this week is the recent news that Robert F. Kennedy…
10/03/2023 05:06
The Sinister Media Agenda Behind the Taylor Swift Flood
Here’s a promise I’ll make to you good people: I won’t pepper this column with inane puns referencing the inane song titles from Taylor Swift’s musical catalog‚ as so many other entries across…
10/03/2023 05:06
The Cohesion of Error: Russia’s Rationales for War
Fifteen days into Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine‚ the foreign ministers of the two warring countries met in the Turkish resort town of Antalya‚ where they would discuss potential resolutions to…
10/03/2023 05:06
JUST IN: Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar Carjacked at Gunpoint by Three Black Males Outside His Apartment in Washington D.C.
(Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images) Texas Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar was carjacked at gunpoint outside his apartment building in Washington D.C. The incident occurred Monday night and has…
10/03/2023 05:00
Rep. Matt Gaetz Slams Kevin McCarthy After Filing Motion to Vacate Chair: ‘I Don’t Own Kevin McCarthy Anymore‚ Democrats Can Have Him’ (VIDEO)
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke to the media Monday night‚ delivering a scathing critique against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Gaetz’s comments come in the wake of his motion to vacate the chair‚…
10/03/2023 04:40
Democrats Join GOP in Overwhelming House Vote Against Biden’s Policy Impacting Archery and Shooting Courses in Schools
President Joe Biden quickly reversed course on a new administration policy‚ which would take shooting and archery courses away from high school students‚ after it was shut down in a bipartisan vote in…
10/03/2023 04:31
REPORT: Democrats Fear the Term ‘Bidenomics’ is Backfiring
Democrats are worried that Biden’s embrace of the term ‘Bidenomics’ may have been a mistake. The problem is that no matter how many times Biden or his surrogates claim that the economy is doing…
10/03/2023 04:20