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  • Nikki Haley refuses to drop out after South Carolina loss: ‘Today is not the end of our story’
    02/25/2024 03:19
  • Trump talks like ‘a billionaire construction worker’: South Carolina GOP chairman
    02/25/2024 02:22
  • Argentine President Blasts Socialism In Speech At CPAC
    02/25/2024 02:17
  • Who is Gen. ‘Raisin’ Caine‚ the man behind Trump’s plan to eradicate ISIS in 4 weeks? 
    02/25/2024 02:02
  • South Carolina Primary: Trump Romps‚ Haley on Life Support
    02/25/2024 01:55
  • Trump Thrashes Nikki Haley in South Carolina
    02/25/2024 01:15
  • Trump Beats Nikki Haley In Her Home State Primary
    02/25/2024 01:11
  • LIVE RESULTS: South Carolina GOP Primary
    02/25/2024 01:00
  • Legal‚ Parental Advocates Warn Against Blue State Bill Allowing Minors to Consent to Medical Procedures: Report
    02/25/2024 00:56
  • US‚ UK conduct joint strikes on more than a dozen Houthi targets in Yemen: 'Specifically targeted'
    02/24/2024 23:41
  • The fight against government officials who misbehave‚ then claim 'immunity'
    02/24/2024 23:40
  • Conservatives fighting new legal interpretation that could make Schumer a criminal
    02/24/2024 23:33
  • Biden called on to be 'realistic‚' boost oil and gas
    02/24/2024 23:29
  • Why This Death of a Nonbinary Teen in Oklahoma Got the Liberal Media in Trouble Again
    02/24/2024 23:00
  • Venezuelan migrants linked to more crimes in U.S.‚ but Maduro shuts door on all deportations
    02/24/2024 22:54
  • Trump Suggests His Mugshot And Indictments Are Making Him More Popular Among Black Voters
    02/24/2024 22:37
  • Plane crash at airport in southeastern Ohio leaves 3 dead
    02/24/2024 22:01
  • Cell phone data doesn’t prove Willis and Wade lied about relationship: Fulton County DA
    02/24/2024 21:50
  • Some News Outlets Are Leaving Out a Key Detail in the UGA Student Murder Story
    02/24/2024 21:30
  • Beto O’Rourke endorses plan to snub Biden in Michigan primary to compel ceasefire
    02/24/2024 21:14
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Beloved Pennsylvania TV Anchor’s Death Ruled a Suicide
The cause of death for a beloved 42-year-old northwestern Pennsylvania local TV news anchor has been ruled a suicide‚ officials said Tuesday.Emily Matson died after being hit by a train in Fairview…
12/13/2023 04:21
‘Jerry Maguire’ Child Star Jonathan Lipnicki Offers Some Cautionary Advice for Those Seeking To Pursue Acting
Many have warned that Hollywood has a dark side — and that stardom can be particularly devastating to child actors.Former child star Jonathan Lipnicki‚ who stole the spotlight in the popular movie “Jerry…
12/11/2023 21:05
Rand Paul Slams Fauci For An ‘Orchestrated Coverup’ During The COVID-19 Pandemic
On Sunday‚ Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called out Dr. Anthony Fauci for playing a part in the “orchestrated coverup” during the COVID-19 pandemic and questioned his visits to the CIA during that time. While…
12/11/2023 03:39
Rand Paul Says ‘We Don’t Have The Money’ To Help Other Countries
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warned Sunday that the United States cannot afford to provide financial aid to foreign countries like Ukraine‚ citing concerns about devaluing the U.S. dollar.Paul…
12/11/2023 01:30
Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy Admits Hunter Biden Charges ‘Legally Justified’
On Sunday‚ Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) admitted that Hunter Biden’s latest prosecution is “legally justified‚” noting that President Joe Biden’s son isn’t the one on the ballot in 2024. “I…
12/11/2023 00:15
Chris Christie Argues Impeaching Joe Biden Now ‘Would Be Unfair’ Because ‘There’s No Evidence’
Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie‚ a Republican‚ expressed his views on the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden‚ deeming it “unfair” given the current evidence.Christie’s comments…
12/10/2023 01:39
Tucker Carlson Reveals What It Would Take For Him To Be Trump’s Running Mate
Conservative firebrand Tucker Carlson recently addressed speculation about his potential role as a vice-presidential candidate alongside former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election‚ facetiously…
12/09/2023 01:43
Tucker Carlson Preparing to Launch New Media Venture: Report
A report published earlier this week suggests that independent journalist and former Fox News star Tucker Carlson intends to launch a new media venture.According to Reuters‚ Carlson and Neil Patel‚ the…
12/09/2023 01:00
Megyn Kelly Reveals What Chris Christie Told Her During Debate Commercial Break
During a recent debate for the 2024 Republican presidential candidates‚ a moment involving Chris Christie and Megyn Kelly caught significant attention.This incident occurred during a commercial break‚…
12/08/2023 03:02
Media Melt Down At Trump Ally Kash Patel’s Suggestion They Be Held Accountable For Russia Hoax
Alarmists in corporate media‚ at the bidding of the Biden White House‚ are leading a “coordinated” effort to paint a potential 2024 victory by former President Donald Trump as the certain beginning…
12/07/2023 20:45
Bill Burr Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel‚ Anti-Trump Liberals Live On His Show
Comedian Bill Burr recently made several remarks about liberals and former President Donald Trump during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show on Tuesday.“You want to see a great case thing…
12/07/2023 04:13
Scarborough Slams Dem Governors and Biden’s Strategy To Beat Trump
President Joe Biden continues to drop in the polls but remains the presumptive presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.Criticizing growing calls for Biden to address specific issues troubling…
12/06/2023 22:57
BBC Reporter Alleges Interview With Kelsey Grammer Was Cut Short After He Stated His Support for Trump
In a recent interview with the BBC‚ “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer confirmed that he remains a supporter of former President Donald Trump‚ apparently bringing the interview to an end. Among Grammer’s…
12/05/2023 21:29
Roseanne Barr Has an Explicit Message for Critics After Bill Maher Brings Up ‘Racist’ Joke That Got Her Sitcom Canceled
On Sunday‚ comedian Roseanne Barr hit out at critics of her 2018 joke about Valerie Jarrett that led to her hit sitcom being canceled. After a decades-long hiatus‚ “Roseanne‚” the hit show starring…
12/04/2023 23:09
Watch: ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Praise CNN for Confronting ‘Squad’ Member Over Silence on Hamas Violence Against Israeli Women
A progressive CNN reporter has recently been praised by the panelists of right-leaning “Fox & Friends” for her blunt and absolutist stance on allegations of war crimes committed by Hamas militants‚…
12/04/2023 22:37
Watch George Santos’ Reaction As Brian Kilmeade Reads a List of All His Criminal Charges
During an interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade‚ the recently ejected Rep. George Santos stared vacantly into the camera as Kilmeade read a list of the charges against him.The congressman‚ already…
12/02/2023 02:43
Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticizes Fellow Republicans in Interview with Tucker Carlson
Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia expressed her frustrations with fellow Republicans in a candid discussion with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday.During her appearance…
12/01/2023 23:57
‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Issues Dire Warning About Economy
Robert Kiyosaki‚ the co-founder of Rich Dad Company and renowned for predicting the Lehman Brothers’ collapse‚ has issued a stark warning about the financial state of the United States.During his recent…
12/01/2023 22:23
Watch: Dan Bongino Unleashes At ‘Cancel Culture’ After Chiefs Fan Gets Targeted: ‘Stick It Right Up Your A**!’
During a recent episode of The Dan Bongino Show‚ the eponymous host made an unsparing statement about the media controversy targeting a 9-year-old fan of the Kansas City Chiefs who has been libelled as…
12/01/2023 00:53
Tucker Carlson Reveals What Led To Him Becoming An ‘Active Trump Supporter’
Former Fox News host and media maverick Tucker Carlson recently disclosed the pivotal moment that transformed him into an “active” supporter of former President Donald Trump‚ during a new interview…
11/30/2023 22:23