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  • Stanford Scientists Discover Cellular “Neighborhoods” in Our Gut
    10/03/2023 18:25
  • US captain Johnson returns home to criticism after Ryder Cup flop
    10/03/2023 18:12
  • Biles pulls off Yurchenko’s double pike to be named after her at Worlds
    10/03/2023 18:01
  • Life‚ Liberty‚ Property #34: The Real Subject of the Budget Debate Is the Uniparty
    10/03/2023 17:48
  • Texas Congressman Is Carjacked By Three Armed Attackers About A Mile From The Capitol
    10/03/2023 17:17
  • 500‚000x Smaller Than a Human Hair: Game-Changing Electronic Sensor the Size of a Single Molecule
    10/03/2023 17:15
  • Dem senator accused of accepting gold bars‚ stacks of cash in bribes set for trial
    10/03/2023 17:12
  • Biden's State Dept. denies Iranian spy infiltration‚ then confirms suspicions
    10/03/2023 17:07
  • Hunter Reported to Rely on 2A Case President Said Should “Deeply Trouble Us All”
    10/03/2023 17:03
  • Organization drops plans for 'open' race for trans swimmers when there's zero interest
    10/03/2023 17:01
  • Liberators vs. Triumvirs: The Battle of Philippi Begins Today in 42 B.C.
    10/03/2023 16:50
  • Target Joins Other Retailers Closing Stores in Crime-Ridden Blue Cities
    10/03/2023 16:34
  • Special Needs Students Radiate Joy While Being Honored at Texas Homecoming Game: ‘Touches My Heart’
    10/03/2023 16:12
  • Energy needs of EV battery plant will keep coal plant online
    10/03/2023 16:04
  • Watch: Newly Released Video Shows Tupac Shortly Before Shooting Death
    10/03/2023 15:51
  • Mark Meckler: Convention of States Could Take 10-25 Years to Accomplish
    10/03/2023 15:44
  • Elon Musk sued by ex Grimes over their 3 children
    10/03/2023 15:38
  • Trump Shares Court Sketch of Him Sitting Next to Jesus at Fraud Trial
    10/03/2023 15:28
  • Ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly Says Stories About Trump Hating on Veterans‚ Pows Are True
    10/03/2023 15:05
  • Vanna White is skipping ‘Wheel of Fortune’ this week — here’s why
    10/03/2023 15:03
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Stanford Scientists Discover Cellular “Neighborhoods” in Our Gut
These images are produced using advanced imaging techniques that enable us to study the cells found in the human intestine. By utilizing a combination of microscopy and robotic technology‚ these scientific…
10/03/2023 18:25
500‚000x Smaller Than a Human Hair: Game-Changing Electronic Sensor the Size of a Single Molecule
Researchers from multiple Australian universities have developed an incredibly miniaturized piezoresistor‚ 500‚000 times smaller than a human hair. This sensitive electronic component transforms force…
10/03/2023 17:15
Counting Conundrum – Nerve Cells Can Detect Small Numbers of Things Better Than Large Numbers of Things
Humans quickly identify small numbers (up to four) but struggle with larger ones. Recent research reveals the brain has distinct mechanisms for processing small versus large quantities. The brain waveforms…
10/03/2023 13:28
New Research Reveals That About 25% of Teens With Autism Go Undiagnosed
A recent study found that about a quarter of 16-year-olds with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) remain undiagnosed‚ with the research indicating that ASD is more prevalent among males‚ whites‚ and high-income…
10/03/2023 12:41
Scientists Discover a Completely New Type of Enzyme That Helps Fight Genomic Parasites
Scientists have discovered an enzyme named PUCH‚ crucial in halting the spread of parasitic DNA sequences in our genome. This discovery could provide insights into how our body identifies and combats…
10/03/2023 11:51
Trapped in a Dangerous Loop: Humans Inherit Artificial Intelligence Biases
A study from Deusto University reveals that humans can inherit decision-making biases from AI. Participants using a biased AI mirrored its errors‚ and this bias persisted even without the AI’s assistance.…
10/03/2023 11:00
ISS Astronauts Dive Into Space Physics Experiments and Human Research
An aurora intersects Earth’s airglow beneath a starry sky in this photograph from the International Space Station as it orbited 261 miles above western Kazakhstan near the Caspian Sea. Credit: NASAThe…
10/03/2023 09:08
Locked Out of a Cure? Only a Fraction of Early Alzheimer’s Patients Eligible for New Drugs
Only a small fraction of older adults with early Alzheimer’s symptoms are eligible for new monoclonal antibody treatments‚ according to a recent study. The study emphasized the need for broader clinical…
10/03/2023 07:08
Excessive Heat and Drought Takes Its Toll: The Mississippi Is Mighty Parched
Prolonged drought in 2023 has drastically lowered Mississippi River levels‚ disrupting transport‚ increasing shipping costs‚ and threatening Louisiana’s drinking water supplies.In September‚ low water…
10/03/2023 05:27
Wrinkles on Mercury's Surface Suggest The Planet Is Still Shrinking
Planetary scientists have long known that Mercury has been shrinking for billions of years.Despite being the closest planet to the Sun‚ its interior has been cooling down as internal heat leaks away.…
10/03/2023 05:07
We've Been Overlooking a Major Part of Climate Change‚ And It's Sending Warning Signs
The Earth is heating up‚ and not just its atmosphere and oceans. The soil itself is getting warmer‚ too‚ leading to more extreme soil heat around the planet – along with unclear but ominous consequences…
10/03/2023 04:52
Orcas Are Bullying Porpoises to Death in The Pacific For No Clear Reason
Southern Resident killer whales are highly picky eaters. This beloved and highly endangered population of orca (Orcinus orca) consumes virtually nothing but Chinook salmon‚ gulping down around two dozen…
10/03/2023 04:49
New Research Explains What Makes 'Superbolt' Lightning So Powerful
Making up less than 1 percent of all lightning strikes‚ superbolts are as rare as they are powerful. Now a new study has revealed more about why these awesome jolts of voltage can pack as much as a thousand…
10/03/2023 04:44
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Captures 200-Foot-Wide Dust Devil Tearing Across Mars
NASA’s Perseverance rover captured this Martian dust devil moving east to west at a clip of about 12 mph (19 kph) along a location called “Thorofare Ridge” in the Jezero Crater on August 30. Credit:…
10/03/2023 03:52
Brain biometrics help identify sports concussions
Novel brain biometrics could help inform whether an athlete is ready to return to play following a concussion‚ according to new research from the University of South Australia. Conducted in partnership…
10/03/2023 03:13
Improved mangrove conservation could yield cash‚ carbon‚ coastal benefits
A shift in the way we think about the benefits mangroves provide to coastal regions could yield significant economic and biodiversity gains and protect millions from flooding‚ research has revealed. The…
10/03/2023 03:13
Sharper and Smaller – Tiny CRISPR Tool Could Help Shred Viruses
Scientists have detailed the three-dimensional structure of one of the smallest known CRISPR-Cas13 systems‚ CRISPR-Cas13bt3‚ used for RNA modification‚ which operates differently from other proteins in…
10/03/2023 02:41
Mission to Put a Radio Telescope on The Moon Planned to Launch in 2025
The Moon will be a popular destination for space programs worldwide in the coming years.By 2025‚ NASA's Artemis III mission will land the first astronauts ("the first woman and first person of color")…
10/03/2023 02:14
New Horizons is Funded Through the Decade. Enough to Explore Another Kuiper Belt Object
The ongoing saga of the New Horizons mission—will it get truncated and its science team disbanded?—may have some resolution. Dr. Nicky Fox‚ associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate…
10/03/2023 02:05
New Research Shows 'Jumping Genes' Could Be Key to Slowing Down Aging
Scientists aren't stopping in their attempts to try and unlock the secrets of aging so we can live healthier lives for longer. Now research into 'jumping genes' has revealed a crucial role they play in…
10/03/2023 02:03